Pimp and how it's destroying the image of us black people especially dark skin women

Pimp all girl all pimp is a disgusting moive that promotes the stereotype of dark skin women masculinity and gangster/thug black men


As you can see this moive is so bad that even if u go to the comments on YouTube us black people are mad about this disgrace of a moive and so we should be.You might be thinking why is this moive so bad well let's start with how it's promoting the stereotype of dark skin women masculinity.Well the role of the pimp is played by keke Palmer.Keke Palmer is a beautiful women but as you can see by the photo below that they made her so masculiing how does she act,dress,speak so masculiing comapared to all the other girls in this video who are not dark skin women.They are presented in a feminine but why not dark skin women,no we are presented as masculiing and as a stud.This moive in its self is promoting dark skin masculiing and I am sick of it we will not stand of itYour probly wondering who would ever make this terrible movie oh just guess yep it's Lee Daniels this Man hates us black women especially us dark skin women and I can prove by the way he presentes us in his moive time and time again we are presented as masculiing just look at one of his movie called Precious if you dont know the movie is about well thier is this dark skin girl named Perious and she has been raped and is pregnant by her farther and is abusive by her mother in the moive.she can't read or write (promoting of the stereotype of uneducated black people) so she goes to this school and gets help anyway long story short the white women comes to save her which applys that black people can't save themselves nope we need the help of white people which is not true but the moive sure dose make it look that way anyway now that you know how Lee Daniels sees us black people as you can understand why he made us black people look in his new moive "pimp" and how it's promoting dark skin women masculinity.hope you enjoyied reading this article

Precious image of precious

image of Lee Daniels