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Why do African Americans insist on playing the white mans game? When George Floyd’s killer was found guilty on all counts ‘in the court of law’ it was wrongfully celebrated. We already knew the officer killed him. We already knew the white man was guilty for taking his life. Why do we pine so hard for the white mans approval of things we already know to be true? The court confirming the murder does not bring George back, what are you celebrating? Many people of color worked tirelessly for almost a year to get the white man to see and admit that wrong has been done.
Yet we already knew that. Yet the killings have not stopped. What is the reward for attempting to get the edomites to see/ admit the atrocities inflicted on the people of color? It has been going on for so long now and our people still believe in the ‘law’ or ‘Justice System’ in the U.S
Yet people of color continue to try to argue with ignorance. Maybe they dont see it because they dont want to, maybe they do see it but dont want to admit it so they continue to argue and waste your time an energy while your family continues to be slaughtered.
The ‘Justice system’ was created By the white man For the white man. And it is constantly being used to Justify the oppression of the black man

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