The Black Woman Matters

Time to realize that the Black Woman Matters from the past to future, it's the Black Woman who possesses the power to hold the title


In what clearly seems to be a well thought out and strategically orchestrated gender war contrived within the Black social networking community online, a growing tension seems to be emerging between Black men and Black women. Black people - be careful!

Men who purposely troll Black women online has increased in popularity and more Black men are jumping on the bandwagon. As a result, more Black women have jumped on the feminism ship, which has always been the downfall of the Black community. In societies and suffering a great deal of oppression all over the world, the Black social community abroad has always been delicate. Such delicacy seems to point to a people that has been so beat down by mass media all over the world, emotions run high and the need for acceptance spirals out of control.

These emotions have always been used against melanated people as a means to attack Black people. These social creations of unknown entities have become a supreme way of causing conflict and tension within the Black community and have been used as a way to control Black behavior. The internet has made the job even easier.

Since Black people are drawn to social network platforms that are outwardly racist and oppressive, this makes the task of controlling Black people's behavior more easier than ever. Online offers the ability to be anonymous. In the age of trolling, anyone can infiltrate Black people's thinking and corrupt their thoughts and principles and change basically everything these people believe. You may have heard many Black people admit that the internet has "awakened" them. But not necessarily in all good ways.

A carefully crafted gender war has now emerged online which may have started as joking around and "busting" has now evolved into a myriad of movements such as "Black women for white men" or "Black men fed up with Black women" movements. People who the Black community has once hated due to the fact that they trolled the Black community are now able to sustain their trollish presence online and grab more foolish followers.

In all actuality, there should be one golden rule in the Black community that prevails which is simply: Black people will not tolerate other Black people putting down Black people. But this is far from the reality of the situation. It's become acceptable and a new way of life for Black people to "publicly" degrade and put down other Black people and even manage to do a more thorough and much more supreme job of it than any tabloid, blog or mass media source would be able to do. Once again, even as proven online, Black people have demonstrated that no one can destroy Black people better than other Black people.

To the average person online it may seem like fun and games, but this matter has blown out of proportion and is no longer a laughing matter.

Everyone has went through their share of heart brake or being treated unfairly in a relationship. This common experience has been used in the Black community to fuel hatred between Black men and Black women. The thought behind it is simple; if one Black person treated me wrong, then all Black people have serious issues and we are a terrible people. Yet, as simple as the idea sounds, it works like a charm within the Black community.

It is clear that the newly emerged gender war has picked up momentum and some are even beginning to take the foolishness seriously. The insults are pathetic to read, but these are no longer isolated incidents. Now it appears to have become more common online behavior. "Black men are responsible for the failure of the Black community." "Black women and their weave nonsense." "Black men are nothing but killers and rapists." "Black women support white supremacy so they are also the enemy of the Black man." And then there is the most stupidest, "Black women raise Black men so they are the reason that Black men are not worth a damn!"

Instead of both genders taking accountability for their roles in supporting Black inferiority, they both escape by placing blame on the other gender, which makes their own foolishness acceptable and warranted. There is actually no basis for either claims and one fundamental source of Black oppression is ignored in this type of thinking, which is systematic supremacy.

At the end of the day, my message to Black man is this: The Black woman matters! Regardless of her faults or your problems with dealing with Black women, Black men will not survive without her. Most women from other races are racist (even the ones who will actually sleep with you and even marry you!)

No other woman on the planet will deal with the foolishness of the Black man more than the Black woman will. It is common knowledge that when Black women cease to exist, so will Black people!

There seems to be a certain pride or glory when Black couples get involved in interracial relationships. Many feel the need to make videos about it and let the world know when in reality, most people don't really care anymore. But the fact that these people feel the need to validate themselves and are so part of their mixed relationships and families they build with others who for the most part - don't really like you like that, shows a severe inferiority complex that exists within the Black community. One would be inclined to believe that these particular people who do this feel special and validated.

It's common knowledge that people from other races (even racist people) fetish Black people. What is not commonly spoken about is that Black people also fetish other races just as much. If that weren't true, then this particular social dysfunction which is heavily rooted in systematic supremacy and slavery would not exist in the way that it does.

Whether you feel that Black women are Nubian Goddesses or you feel that they are dysfunctional, there is one thing that you cannot ignore, the Black woman is a requirement for the existence of Black people. This should be the root focus of any conversation that deals with putting her down. And as for Black men, Black men are also a requirement for the existence of Black people. It works both ways.