Black People - You Are God!

We were not mean to be obedient or follow behind the statement of fools made so long ago. We are better than that!

What may seem like blasphemy to some who are asleep is more like a liberation to those of us that are awake. Black people have been conditioned all of our lives to worship a magical deity in the sky that has fulfilled their minds with promises to avenge all of their wrongdoings. Conditioned to worship a sucker named Jesus who claims he died for our sins. We have a problem with such a being. First of all, he wasn't real. We have learned that to think for ourselves is a wonderful thing and welcome more of our people to awaken.

We know that religion has been used to conquer nations and keep people pacified. For those who believe in Jesus and God are less likely to resist authority. God says to love your enemies and embrace them, not to hate them. Imagine soldiers in a war field who hold these beliefs. They would be pacified and submissive in war. They would lose the very war they think they are fighting in the name of the heavenly Lord. We have reached the heavens and have seen no God. For millenniums we have waited for this deity to appear and wright the wrongs of humanity, and while we wait, the powerful become more powerful. We have learned that the final step to breaking the bondage of slavery was to not just simply not believe in the bible, but hate the so-called god and everything he stands for.

For this god that our ancestors were forced to believe enforced slavery and punished the good people who didn't think such things were okay. He ordered the destruction of nations simply for not worshiping him or following his wickedness. He approved of bashing children against the ground so that they were ripped into pieces. He forbade us not to go against authority and always be submissive. This god they have been trained to love so much.

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Though this imaginary entity is so cruel and mean to us, even cursed his chosen for some petty reason, we are still told we must love him more than ever. What kind of fool does that intellect breed? We have been duped. The irony is that, Black people, we are god. So it makes no sense to worship such a flawed image of god. I don't detest that there is intellect in the universe that is superior than us all and created us, but I detest the savage and brutal projection of god through scripture. Scripture is evil and all religions are fake. The sooner more of our people wake up and see this, then the sooner you can live the life that you want. With no boundaries or restrictions.

We were not mean to be obedient or follow behind the statement of fools made so long ago. We are better than that!

We hate god. All gods that have prophesied or written about. Our intellect and instinct lets us know right from wrong and moral from immoral. We know that our minds have abilities that we have yet to understand. We know that we are the real gods. We are awake and wish to awake the sleeping. Do not hate us our fault us for this. We come to you out of love and to save the sleeping from themselves. For a person who sleepwalks is a danger to themselves and others. When you are awake and conscious, then you see reality - clearly.

Here me brothers and sisters. Your fabrication of god is an illusion that was created to control you. I am not alone in this belief. We are abundant and more and more of your brothers and sisters are waking up to the truth. Truth is power and once we eliminate this false deity, then we will be more powerful than ever and closer to battling the true evil of this world. But we can't complete our mission if we are sleep. Wake up with us. Do not be sheep who are easily controlled and manipulated. Question everything. Trust no truths not proven. For they are not truths but lies disguised as truths.

We are not alone. We are a collective. Together is where we find power and strength. Together is how we defeat evil. Embrace us. Be one with us. We want to change the world. We wish to make it a better place. To do this, we must realize the god within.