Rapper Beanie Sigel Is At It Again, But This Time With Charlamagne

Sigel lashed out during an interview on The Breakfast Club.


The controversial Beanie Sigel’s staple presence in the media of late due to his beef with Meek Mill, and now he’s topping headlines once again because of his recent comments about gay relationships being televised on popular TV shows.

Fresh from his much publicised beating the rapper is hoping to salvage his dented reputation.  However, he looks to have caused even more damage following condescending remarks he made about the LGBT community.

Sigel lashed out during an interview on The Breakfast Club.

Already on edge for unknown reasons, the Hip-Hop star randomly spouted the following after spilling on his feud with Yung Joc:

“Things are going too far. Even in the media and television, this homosexuality sh*t is at an all time high…and it sickening to me. I shouldn’t have to explain to my son why two men is on prime time television kissing. Nothing positive or good comes out of that.”

The rapper also got a bit heavy with Charlamagne towards the end of the interview.

Check out the video here: