The Effects Of White Supremacy On Black People

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Black people have been displaced in society where they face huge disadvantages compared to the privilege whites have been born into. Any individual can spew racial prejudice, but racism is an institution of white supremacy which adversely impacts upon black lives, not white.

White Supremacy is a historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of nations, and people of colour by white people and the nations of Europe, for maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power, and privilege.


A system of institutionalised racism

The most common mistake people make when they talk about racism is to think it is a collection of prejudices and individual acts of discrimination. They do not see that it is a system, a web of interlocking, reinforcing institutions: economic, military, legal, educational, medical, municipal, religious, and cultural.  As a system, racism affects every aspect of life in a society.

By not seeing that racism is systemic, people often personalise or individualise racist acts.  For example, they will reduce racist police behaviour to "a few bad apples" who need to be removed, rather than seeing it exists in police departments all over the country and is inherent in society.  This mistake has real consequences: refusing to see police brutality as part of a system, and that the system needs to be changed, means that the brutality will continue.

The need to recognise racism as being systemic is one reason the term white supremacy has been more useful than the term racism. They refer to the same problem but: The purpose of racism is much clearer when we call it ‘white supremacy’.

Some people think of racism as just a matter of prejudice. ‘Supremacy’ defines a power relationship.  The term ‘white supremacy’ gives white people a clear choice of supporting or opposing a system.

White supremacy, trump, racist institutions

White Supremacy is historically based

The United States began with Columbus' so-called "discovery" of America, continued with settlement by pilgrims, won its independence from England with the American Revolution, and then expanded westward until it became the enormous, rich country you see today.  It omits three key facts about the birth and growth of the United States as a nation. Those facts demonstrate that white supremacy is fundamental to the existence of the U.S.

The United States could not have developed economically as a nation without enslaved African labour. When agriculture and industry began to grow in the colonial period, a tremendous labour shortage existed. Not enough white workers came from Europe and the European invaders could not put indigenous people to work in sufficient numbers. It was enslaved Africans who provided the labour force that made the growth of the United States possible.

That growth peaked from about 1800 to 1860, the period called the Market Revolution. During this period, the United States changed from being an agricultural/commercial economy to an industrial corporate economy. The development of banks, expansion of the credit system, protective tariffs, and new transportation systems all helped make this possible. But the key to the Market Revolution was the export of cotton, and this was made possible by slave labour.

White Supremacy is a system of exploitation

The roots of U.S. racism or white supremacy lie in establishing economic exploitation by the theft of resources and human labour, then justifying that exploitation by institutionalising the inferiority of its victims. The first application of white supremacy or racism by the Euro-Americans who control U.S. society was against indigenous people. Then came Black Africans, originally as slaves and later as exploited waged labour. They were followed by Mexicans, who lost their means of survival when they lost their land holdings, and became wage-slaves. Mexican labour built the Southwest, along with Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and other workers.

In short, White Supremacy and economic power were born together. The United States is the first nation in the world to be born racist (South Africa came later) and the first to be born capitalist. That is not a coincidence. In the U.S., as history shows, capitalism and racism go hand in hand.

'The Willy Lynch Letter' - The novella penned by Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti (formerly Charles Davis), outlines the perpetual effects of enslavement on the African mind


Black people have been marginally disadvantaged more than any other group on the planet.

Black people have come a long way since the days of slavery, however they are still socially disadvantaged in 'the land of the free'. The core of the problem as to why most Black people are socially disadvantaged comes down to wealth inequality. If they had a relatively equal share of the wealth that whites have, Black people would not face the social problems they do today.

Black people don't share more of Americas vast wealth, which they ironically helped build. There still exists a racial undertow in society that dates to the slave trade. This often-transparent force has transcended many government institutions and has contributed to most Blacks being socially disadvantaged. The Emancipation Proclamation was the catalyst in abolishing slavery from the American way of life, but most African Americans are still slaves of the U.S. system. The policies involving property, credit markets and education that have been adopted by the white power system have made it hard for civil rights to be equal between blacks and whites. This has resulted in most  being systematically woven into the lower-class fabric of America, making it almost impossible to escape.

Jim Crow Laws

Segregation of black and white in public places: The segregation of public place for black and white people was confined by the creation of Jim Crow Laws. The public places included the restaurant, transportation, school and restroom. The black people were not given any right to vote in the election.

The enforcement of Jim Crow Laws : The Jim Crow Laws were enforced by the government at the end of 1800's until the beginning of 1900's.  The laws were formed after the period of Reconstruction in the southern states.

Name: Are you curious with the origin of the name of the laws? It is quite unique. The name was derived from an African American character in a song created around 1832, Jim Crow. Since the laws were often linked with African American people, they used to call it Jim Crow Laws.

Purpose of Jim Crow Laws: Jim Crow laws were created to keep away the black people from the white people community. They wanted the black people to be isolated from the impotent public places.

Alabama: The example of Jim Crow Law in Alabama could be seen when the coloured people and white people were given the different ticket windows and waiting rooms

Mississippi: In Mississippi, the prison wardens could see the white convicts. They were given more facilities by having different apartment to sleep and eat.

Georgia: In Georgia, the burial for white people was very exclusive since the officer was not allowed to bury any coloured people in the burial of white people.

Florida: In Florida, the Jim Crow laws affected the educational background. The schools for black and white people should be different. Of course, the school for white people was in greater facilities.

Voting: The Jim Crow laws also made the black people unable to vote in US. It is since people should pass the reading test and poll taxes to make them gain a right to vote in US election.

Protest: The segregation in US because of the conduct of Jim Crow laws made people protest it in 1900's. The Jim Crow Laws gained national attention after many protests in the Birmingham Campaign, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and March on Washington. One of the wonderful Afro activists is explained in Malcolm X Facts.

The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 marked the end of Jim Crow laws.

white supremacy2

Black people have been displaced in society where they face huge disadvantages compared to the privilege whites have been born into.  Any individual can spew racial prejudice, but racism is an institution of white supremacy which adversely impacts upon black lives, not white. Therefore whites are inherently racist because they're born into superiority and privilege, irrespective of their social status.  However, it is important to address the fact that many white individuals don't racially prejudice blacks, on the basis of their ethnicity race.

It's not hard to prejudice whites as being collective, prejudice racists.  But, that can be treated as ignorance since not all whites are racially prejudice.  Then again many wouldn't have these sentiments if white supremacists weren't so barbaric and blood thirsty: killing every life that's too weak to run or defend itself. That trait is habitual and has perpetrated for centuries, yet continues today. Nothing will change for the greater good of humanity, until the racist supremacist minority actually realise they have deep set psychological issues needing serious address.