Black Social Networking Movement – Why They Are Important

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There is no shortage of social networks, but there is a huge shortage of relevant black owned social networks. There are tens of thousands of websites that allow us to join and socialize. However, when it comes to relevant websites on the internet, black social networks are pretty non exis

Black Social Networking

Why people use social networking sites

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Social networking sites have become the preferred medium in which people across the world connect. There’s seemingly a gradual decline in social meet-ups as people nowadays appear to be living a more varied and busy lifestyle, and working longer hours doesn’t often lend time for extra social activity outside of the necessities. Sharing media such as photos, videos, and even the use of messaging services, rank high on the list of service amenities utilized by their members; and especially since connecting with friends and family across the world with the minimal of costs is a welcomed attraction.

Most users of these social networking sites are female, between the ages of 18 years – 55 years. However, most social networking sites are marketed without the consideration of the ethnic demographic populace.

Black Social Networking Sites

Over the last decade or so, there’s been a rise in Black Social Networks popping up on the scene, varying in the type of audience they attract, and although the majority are predominantly geared towards the dating spectrum, they still provide an adequate level of social networking experience for their members.

The first Black Social Network to attain global popularity is BlackPlanet, and it boasts to be a social networking service for matchmaking and job postings; it also has forums for discussion on political and social issues. Although BlackPlanet and many others like it are reputed to be social networks specifically set-up with the Black member/user in mind, they, however, are not exclusively owned and run by Black individuals. There seems to be a marginal distinction in the number of Black (owned) social networking sites available compared to what’s currently available for the general populace. Most social networking sites don’t market their content with the Black population in mind, and this lack of attention could inadvertently lead to members feeling somewhat displaced in the social network arena.

There is much debate surrounding this grey area and many Black Social Networking Sites have taken to highlighting these issues amongst their members, by presenting content-driven discourse for debate within similar articles such as Black Social Networking Movement – Why they Are Important.

The Way Forward

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For any social network or even website to survive, it depends on the demand of the general populace. If no one sees the need for Black social networks or even Black businesses, then such enterprises cannot exist. When Black people choose to utilize and depend on other owned social networks for whatever purpose, then the inevitable is that Black social networks will undoubtedly struggle to thrive in the vast social arena. For Black social networks to succeed, Black people must use them.

The main problem could be that many Black people don’t see how important it is that they support Black-owned and controlled websites, especially Black social networks.