Most Beautiful Black Women

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The Greeks thought so much of the Black women’s beauty that they named two-star constellations after Black women, which were Andromeda and Cassiopeia, the most beautiful star constellations of all the heavens..

All women are beautiful. The most beautiful Black women in the world are undoubtedly Black women who do not succumb to the ideology of what beauty is, especially if it defers what it means to Africans. Beauty standards in the Black community have changed from the most beautiful Black women wearing Afro's and shining light on their African heritage to shamefully covering up their natural beauty and replacing it with the beauty that conforms to European ideals.

It is understandable that due to being colonized and enduring slavery, the basic standards of beauty would be symbolism that ignores African ideals. Black women are naturally beautiful, but it is because they do not appreciate their own beauty that others, even Black men, look down on the natural characteristics of Black women. It shows weakness in Black ideals as well as thinking.

Some Black women will cry as they cover up their natural beauty because as far as they are concerned, their natural characteristics are shameful and they are ashamed of their true beauty. The most beautiful Black women tend to ignore traditional beauty standards and they gravitate towards African symbols of beauty because African symbols of beauty reflect and promote their own beauty.

The truth of the matter is that beautiful Black women have a beauty that is all their own. The natural African features and characteristics of Black women are the most sought-after beauty, and after years of chastising and teasing Black women for these features they possess, the entire world now spends trillions of dollars this year on aesthetics that mimic the natural beauty of Black women. In fact, the trend has become so popular, that even Black women want to emulate their own beauty and spend billions of dollars to exaggerate features that they are born with already.

Most beautiful Black woman

The truth is that Black women have an amazing unrefined beauty that stands out. Their melanin is an addictive aphrodisiac that encapsulates their mysterious beauty. Their lips are just the right size for intense kissing. Their enhanced melanin gives their personality and spirit an enchanting quality that glows in the quintessence of her soul. Her course and curly hair are wilder than all the trees in a forest or jungle and her physical, as well as mental strength, are unlike any other. All of these qualities and traits make Black women uniquely beautiful.

Beautiful Black women possess the most amazing curves and have become standards across the planet on what true beauty is. In fact, the more exaggerated her features are, the more she is considered beautiful. But society even tries ways to demonize her beauty now and turn it into something that is disgraceful. Beautiful Black women endure the criticisms of society no matter what they do. It's like the world refuses to let them win.

Weak Black men even follow pursuit and denounce the Black women in an attempt to gain points with general society. And as much as they start copying sentiments from the very people who see them as their mortal enemies, Black men are looked down upon even more.

The social dynamics involved in tearing down Black women are actually done with the purpose of destroying Black men. It's a way that society can indirectly attack Black men, but they seem to foolishly fall for the bait. You can't get any more African than that!

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Most beautiful Black woman

Most Beautiful Black Women With Curves - Black Women

The problem beautiful black women have about their beauty is perception. These perceptions are influenced by the media. Black men are also influenced by the media. Black people have been conditioned to look down on Black people. Since colonization the black population throughout the planet has been trying to adjust themselves to hold up to a false standard of beauty - an idea that I would argue is inferior to beautiful black women. Ironically, the false beauty is gravitated towards. It makes perfect sense because these false standards have been beaten into our ancestors and passed down through generations. We also have to consider the fact that much of the brutality that existed during slavery has been passed down genetically.

The fact that beautiful black women have gladly gravitated towards altering their image to keep up with these false standards is due to the Black man's failure to combat these ideas effectively. Beautiful Black women wear weaves because Black men worship beauty that is not of them.

Beautiful Black women do the same but the focus must always be on the Black man. Now that some Black men are starting to wake up and understand their flaws, it's not fair or even reasonable to expect beautiful Black women to wake up all of a sudden, especially when the majority of Black men excuse the behavior because, in reality, not even a beautiful Black woman wants to go against a Black woman.

The only solution to this dilemma in the black community is to focus on making sure our Black children understand that they are beautiful as they are and when I refer to Black children I am not referring to mixed children. Mixed children will have other issues they need to get past. I am only focusing on genuine Black babies. The mothers need to make a special attempt to make sure these Black children experience being around other Black women who wear their hair naturally.

At some point, the Black community must understand how crucial it is that Black children worship and have confidence in their own form of natural beauty.  When parents do the opposite, they don't really love their children and it lets the world know that it's not about what is beneficial for those children. It's about what is beneficial for the parents. And that's the problem! Black women are beautiful and they have always been beautiful.

Most beautiful Black woman

But when these parents transfer their own mental illness to their children, they create a repeating cycle of self-hate, regardless of how they choose to describe it. As a people, we are sick and need mental help. Once we get the counseling that so many of us desperately need, then our circumstances as a group will change. As long as we don't get this help we so desperately need, nothing will change for the better.

Most beautiful Black woman

Reversing the effects of supremacy will be tricky and not an easy task. In order to reverse the effects of supremacy, Black women need to become supreme. This won't happen overnight and only our children will be somewhat capable of taking us where we need to be. Today's beautiful Black women are too clueless and don't seem capable of truly fighting the effects of white supremacy.

The sad part is that if we don't instill new values and principles into our children, these types of discussions will happen again 40-50 years from now with no real change. The only way to break the cycle is through our children. They are our last hope. Black parents and relatives must instill in their daughters and nieces that Black women are beautiful!

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Beautiful Black women have the most unique hair and can literally wear just about any hairstyle without purchasing hair from someone else who has hair that is nothing like their own. Weaves or wigs are silly for the most part. Unless someone has a sickness or disease that prevents their hair from growing naturally, it's totally uncalled for. Hair hats are odd because you are normally supposed to take hats off, not keep them on forever. Then there are the health issues of wearing these hair hats.

It's dirty and unclean because many who wear these weaves don't remove it to wash their actual hair. Sometimes when the hair hats are removed, there are all kinds of stuff living in that hair and on the scalp. We are not talking about women who wear weaves once in a while to enjoy a new trendy style... we are talking about beautiful Black women who wear hair hats for most of their lives while ignoring their natural hair. That's not sane. That's not clean. Sometimes, it's actually disgusting.

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Black women have been told for centuries that their bodies were not attractive because they were naturally curvy. Now that technology has advanced, women of all races and cultures get implants so they can mimic the features that are found on the beautiful black woman. From lip injections to butt implants, they want these features badly. However, it seems that beautiful black women are so used to being told that they are inadequate, they reject their own self-worth so they can be included with the beauty standards of others. This leads to the popularity of weaves and wigs being sold which makes them appear less black, though many would argue that it's only a fashion statement and that they only wear weaves so they can protect their natural hair. This type of protection has lead to parasitic as well as bacterial infections. It's far from protective styling because what are they actually protecting their hair from? Sunlight? Oxygen? Moisture?

I dream of the day when black women wake up and realize that they are truly beautiful. Once they do this and take more pride in their identities, others will imitate them like they always do anyway. But this will take time and beautiful Black women will need to learn that they are already beautiful and don't need to conform to a standard of beauty that they were never meant to conform to. The weave is whack!

The saddest thing I have to endure is seeing a beautiful black woman wear a silly and ugly weave on her hair and hide her actual hair that is 1000 times more beautiful. Black hair is unique and it just goes with us. These weaves and wigs actually look pretty ridiculous but unfortunately, society has accepted this look as a standard of beauty but black women are already beautiful.

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most beautiful Black woman

Most Beautiful Black Women | It's Deeper Than Beauty

The Most Beautiful Black Women Are Thick Curvy Women - Black Women

All beautiful Black women need to do is notice the beauty that they possess. Why is this important? Beautiful Black women need to get back pride and self-esteem. Beautiful Black women have soldiers to raise. Beautiful Black women should not feel inadequate in any way, shape, or form because they need to be empowered and make sure their children see them in the best light. The children they raise need to see pride and confidence beam off their beautiful mothers so they can take their mothers more seriously.

The black boys they raise need to see their mother's true beauty and appreciate it so they will not be conflicted when it is time for them to choose their wives. The reality is that a high percentage of these beautiful Black women who will become or are already mothers will be raising their children alone; sometimes with help but with no help most of the time according to some statistics.

Beautiful Black woman black Barbie doll diva

The next generation of black children deserve to be empowered as much as they truly can be, and that empowerment that they gain from their parents is invaluable. Let's at least teach our future daughters that there is no hair on earth as special as theirs and teach them to love their natural hair. Let's teach them to love being black. This doesn't mean that they have to hate anyone else, it just means that they know how to actually love themselves.

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Beautiful Black Women In Style: The Most Beautiful Black Women - No Argument!!!

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Original Beauty Is The Black Woman From Way Back


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These women are so beautiful. OMG! They make me feel proud and good to be a Black woman! You GO sistas!