Why Soulmates Exist And Falling In Love Is Predestined

Do soulmates exist? Perhaps the people who meet in this reality have met once before and have come here to reunite with the other half of their soul.

Is love predestined or is love spontaneous? 


Scientists say that trillions of years ago there was nothing. Suddenly, in the midst of nothingness, something appeared. What appeared seemed to be so powerful it had a negative and positive charge. For no reason, the particles exploded and caused a big bang. According to scientists some massive form of energy the size of a golf ball exploded and created what we call the universe. Scientists believe the universe is infinite but if you go far enough past a certain point there will only be darkness as the stars will fade into the abyss of nothingness.

Assuming that there ever was a big bang, we do know that something in space happened a long time ago. Scientists believe they have traced some type of explosion that may have caused our realm to exist but the problem is that they can only trace back to something like 3 tenths of a second. They have no idea what happened before then.

I believe that whatever big bang or explosion they are trying to trace was actually consciousness creating itself. The first thought would have probably been very explosive. The first sign of consciousness. This would have actually been the creation of our universe. The energy, atoms and matter of our universe would have formed. Some of the energy attracting other energy and some forms of energy repelling other forms of energy.

The energy that formed bonds of attraction would have been soumates and perhaps like a magnet, would be drawn to it's familiar other half for all time. 

As our conscious minds emerged from this depth, it would seem that some of us are married to each other's energy and in fact, soulmates are a very real thing.