It's Illegal For Authentic Egyptians from Egypt to Claim Black

An authentic Egyptian (Black Egyptian) wants nothing more than to be able to claim his rightful heritage, but the government won't let him claim Black. All government forms of addressing him will only address him as Caucasian.


An Egyptian man wishes to be classified as Black because he really is Black. However, legally he is not able to claim being Black. He is fighting in courts so he can have the right classification. He explains how Egyptians are really Black and how white people have interbred with his people to claim Egypt. Ethiopians and Nubian people know this very well. Authentic Egyptians are Black and all through their civilization, they have never alluded to being white. He is told that he must comply to "make people happy." But he refuses to comply. He is Egyptian and he is Black. And hopefully he is still alive and not being harassed by the CIA or FBI.

Egyptian immigrant fights for Black classification.

The truth is being concealed and as Black people have always professed that the Egyptians were us, evidence is being concealed on a government level. It's obvious that since the Egyptian people have built the most successful government in the history of our planet, credit simply can't go to Black people. It appears the government will spend energy and devout precious time to covering up the truth. What would happen if Black people realized that their ancestors created the most successful government in the history of humanity? They might actually just do it again. And that is why the truth can never come into light, as long as the current form of systematic supremacy exists.

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Dr. Mostafa Hefny was born in Egypt and has always been proud of his Egyptian culture and his African ancestry. But when Hefny immigrated to America, the U.S. government told him he was no longer a black man.

"I was not told by Immigration that I was white until I passed the exam for citizenship and then I was told I am now white," he explains.

"It hurts me. It definitely hurts me," Hefny says. "It hurts me because I am unable to reconcile my reality as a black person."


In addition to the emotional hurt, Hefny says that when the government changed his race, they also changed his social status.

"Definitely, I would've had more opportunity for advancement and even for hiring had I been considered black," he says. "I was prevented from applying and requesting positions and other benefits for minority person because I knew I was legally white."

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One of the problems with the naturalization process, in Hefny's opinion, is that race is classified by geographic location and not ancestry. That's part of the immigration process his lawsuit hopes to change. That means that any Black person from certain locations cannot claim that they are Black. Interestingly enough, this also means that in countries white people will not be able to claim that they are white. This is put in place to protect white supremacy. This is why you also cannot trust statistical data that puts Black people at the highest rate of crime, rape and child abuse. These stats are actually not based on legitimate information.


A white person is defined as having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa or the Middle East. "In the late '60s and early '70s, they found that different agencies were using different definitions for the same categories of people, and they thought it was important to have comprehensibility across federal agencies," explains Sally Katzen of the OMB.

Mostafa Hefny filed his lawsuit in 1997. To this date there is no evidence that supports that he was able to change his classification legally. In his mind he knows that he is a Black man. According to government classification, he is a white Egyptian. Though this may seem comical on the surface, this is telling of the true intentions of the people who are actually running our systems and how racist they are. However, if this man robs a bank or joins a gang, he will definitely be classified as a Black man and his image will be shown for proof. They will fail to mention that he is an authentic Egyptian from Egypt.

The real Egyptians are Black and they are well aware that they have been overthrown and how this happened. They realize that due to racial intermarrying, the mixed Egyptians overthrew them and took Egypt for themselves.