Trapped with No Way out part 1

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Just listen and share , i’ve been abused by someone who was supposed to protect me....

A woman wrote a song called Trapped with No way Out which reflects on her experience she witnessed as a youth from her father. the lyrics are very strong as she even mentions words of hate and not being able to forgive her father.

Abuse is wrong, however, the moment it wears on your soul and leaves you in a state where you are unable to forgive, you are a prisoner to whatever abuse you faced. The only way to heal is to let go of the suffering and pain.

The song is nice but I sure hope that someday she is able to fix the bond with her dad and if he really did abuse her as she said or even if it was only discipline, hopefully she will find it in her heart to be able to heal so her life can be better. Life is too short to hate or hold grudges. We are only her for a day.