Beautiful Black Women Waking Up Claiming Their Beauty

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When the white man first laid his eyes on an African woman, his heart raced a thousand beats per second out of sync. His body froze and his eyes widened. It was his first time seeing any thing as beautiful as the Black African woman.

 As you can imagine, I got a lot of opposition on that show, even from the men. No one liked the idea of challenging Black women on how they should wear their hair. Some see it as picking on Black women. Others see it as being too Afrocentric and the others who disagree don’t seem to think it’s important whether or not Black women wear their natural hair. Black women are the most beautiful women on earth regardless!

The fact that there is an epidemic among Black women who have turned wearing hair that resembles people who do not look like them is a very significant topic in the Black community.  My points were solid and even though many tried to oppose me, they really didn’t have much of a leg to stand on to try and prove their case against me. I must admit, the points made were excellent and definitely worth taking note of, but the overall argument against calling out Black women was not a solid argument.

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One caller went so far as to explain that the “weave culture” belongs to Black people and we have to keep wearing weaves in order to preserve our culture and let everyone know that we are the originators of weaves. That was an argument for why we Black women should continue to wear weave. I was even more surprised when the people debating against me defended this narrative.

Black women have a beautiful natural hair texture that they don’t even acknowledge. But God forbid a non-black person decides to wear their hair like a Black person. Then the cultural appropriation arguments start flying out of nowhere. However, why would Black women be worried about cultural appropriation when they don’t even like wearing their own natural hair.

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It seems to me like the beautiful black woman is filled with so much hypocrisy that her argument needs to be refined. The reality of the matter is that Black women are ashamed of their natural hair, just as Black men were ashamed of their hair and went through a chemical phase until the Black community realized how stupid it was, and then the style became a joke! I will be so happy when we get to that stage with a hair weave.

Keep in mind, that I do understand that many beautiful black women all over the planet are now embracing their own god-given natural textured hair and there is a very powerful movement called the natural hair movement that keeps gaining power and strength. Eventually, weaves will get played out and Black women will begin to see how stupid this fad was in the first place. Black women have listened and are now elated that it is actually becoming cooler to display their own natural beauty without feeling embarrassed or socially awkward.

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Beautiful Black woman embracing her natural hair and African rooted culture.

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Beautiful African American woman with exquisite beauty, flawless complexion, and natural short hairstyle.

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Beautiful sun-touched Black women wearing a gorgeous frizzy curly Afro hairstyle.

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Beautiful Black woman sunbathing on the beach wearing her gorgeous natural hair and letting it all hang out.

Tysheika Perez amazing black beauty

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Beautiful Black woman