Black Women - With Great Beauty Comes Great Responsiblity

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There is nothing like a woman that has been touched by the sun. Beautiful black women are the most beautiful women god created.

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As a Black woman, I have very much pride in the beauty that black women possess. Though women of all shades look beautiful, there is a richness that exists in the melanin of a woman’s skin. There is nothing like a woman that has been touched by the sun. Beautiful black women are the most beautiful women God created.

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As much as I keep getting heat over Black people becoming upset because I point out the beauty in dark skin women, the intention is never to put lighter skin women down, or brown skin or moderately tan Black women.

The Most Beautiful Black Women

Black women are the most beautiful women on the planet.

With all the bashing against dark skin women these days, I believe it is ultimately imperative that we acknowledge the beauty that is to be found in dark skin women – as well as women of other shades. I never assert that dark skin women are superior to or more beautiful than women of any other shade. But I do point out the beauty that is found in women of dark shades.

As melanated people, we have to be happy with all the various shades that Black people come in. This ranges from light skin to dark skin. But in the Black community, the white worship is real serious. I have grown up with Black people referring to dark skin as less attractive than other shades and these lost souls even go as far as to describe women that they find attractive that do have darker skin as being lighter as if that is the validation that they need. But being beautiful and dark skin is amazing.

The Most Beautiful Black Women

These women look beautiful and I dream of the day when on a much larger scale, we can show darker-skinned women the same appreciation, if not more than we currently show light skin women.

This is not out of a complex and this is not out of any type of security issues with my own reality as a Black man. It’s actually quite contrary.

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Because I do appreciate the beauty of my race and skin tone, I identify with anything reminiscent of my very own blackness. I embrace this on the deepest level and show my race and phenotype the upmost respect.

Black women are beautiful and skin tone doesn’t make anyone any less beautiful or more beautiful. But the beauty of blackness in all of its shades is a beautiful thing.

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