We Have Caused Everything That Is Happening Now To Happen

This reality is nothing more than the result of our own conscious behavior and this reality was created algorithmically by our own conscious decisions.


Our reality didn't manifest by itself. It was created. We are the creators of this reality. Everything we have ever done or thought about has manifested itself into what now exists. In the 90's there was an innocent comedianic surge in gay behavior used to entertain. For a moment, in every mainstream black television show the main characters dressed up in drag and played additional characters of the opposite gender. These actions and activity have led to a surge in black gay behavior. 

What about our crimerate in the black community? In the 90's hip hop told some of the most compelling stories about gangster and thug life. Again, we were feeding an already existing algorithm. We were molding and shaping this algorithm. Everything we have thought about has come to pass. This is testimony that our reality is shaped by our behavior. Our behavior is shaped and modified by entertainment and music.

Black people were warned on many occassions about the KKK wanting to wage a race war on us. They were on many talk shows in the 80's promoting this idea. It's foolish to be surprised that there is finally a full scale race war against people of color in which the KKK control the system that empowers them. We have had decades to respond and protect ourselves from what is occuring right now. But instead, we partied hard and have created the flyest and coolest party culture on the planet. And while we slept and partied and worked for our masters, they were gearing up to destroy us. 

In fact, one could argue that in the face of danger, we turn our heads the other way because we are used to escaping reality and gravitating towards fictitious bibles and propaganda while we lose focus and power over our reality. It works like a charm for those who wish to see the destruction of black people. 

In short, black people are cursed and we curse ourselves with our behavior patterns. Once the behavior changes then the curse will be broken. The thinking that is responsible for the behavior is actually what needs to change most. We need to trade our religion for science and our self-hate for self love. That is the only way we can truly become a powerful people and claim our rightful names on the throne of our innate existence. And if we fail in this task, then we not only let ourselves and our families down, but we will also let our descendants down. All this simply because we couldn't modify our behavior for our own survival.

It's actually propesterous that black people still own no businesses in our own communities. We kill our own people more than anyone else. Self extermination is a fascinating concept but this must prove their is something wrong with or something terrible being passed down through black genes. What is it about black people that compells us to destroy ourselves? The main people who are responsible for our placementin this reality is us and no one else. 

My suggestion to black people is to stop fighting white supremacy. White supremacy cannot exist without black inferiority. It is time for us to congregate and lead our people to the next millenium or in a few centuries from now our people whon't even exist.