What If You Discovered The Meaning Of Life?

What if you discovered the secret of life? What would you do with that information? Would you share it with anyone? If we knew the very true meaning of life, would life still be worth living? Sometimes I wonder if that's why we were put here, to figure it all out.


Whether you believe in God, worship religion, spiritually or even if you are an atheist, you know one thing for certain; we are all connected. Now, when I say that we are all connected, I am not just talking about people. I'm talking about everything. When pondering the meaning of life, think about the last cockroach you squished and killed. The cockroach that creeped you out really bad, and so you stepped on him until you saw it's guts squirt under your shoe - he's related to you. I don't mean this to be funny, but the fact of the matter is, we all come from the same stuff.

Human beings are composed of chemicals and gases just like the stars in outer space. Break down any matter to it's simplest form and you get an atom. We know that the atom is the basic unit of matter for all things. Start putting atoms together and you will get molecules. Arrange them in different mathematical combinations and you get life - you get us, and everything on earth and everything everywhere.


So that proves it. We all come from the same source. Think of how boring life would be if there was no variety. think of senseless it would be if all humans looked and acted the same. get me out of a hell hole like that! What if there were no interesting cultures of people that these really cool stories that we pass down for millenniums. What if everyone looked like you? What if everyone talked like you? What if everyone thought like you? I hate to imagine a world where everyone thought like me, that's for sure. It would certainly be a chaotic universe. I am happy that I am a unique being with individual thought. It separates me. It makes me unique. So what is the meaning of life?

Why are we here? All we are going to do is die anyway. Does it makes sense to come from nothing, be something and find purpose, only to go back to being nothing or nonexistent? Is that the meaning of life? I should hope not. One of the most painful things we can do while we are here, is to imagine our demise. Sleeping forever without the possibility of dreaming. Imagine such a punishment.

Maybe the meaning life is an experiment.
Maybe we go through the things we go through while we are here, only to determine if we are worthy of living on after this life. That would mean that everything we go through while we are here is a test. And how we respond to circumstances that we are faced with, defines our nature and who we really are. Kind of like an inventor, testing out his creation. What's so scary about this concept is the fact that we could be failing. Is life a test? Is that the meaning of life?

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We know so much about the science of cells now. Remember back when Darwin thought cells were a pile of oog? Now we now they are actually quite intricate building blocks of life that have gears, shafts, programs... more complex than your most sophisticated machinery. A small cell that no one can see with the naked eye. Wow! How dare anyone say that life is nothing more than a happening because some gases decided to blow up and cause a big bang. That's not scientific and it's not logical.

Want to know what the meaning of life means to me? When I wake up, sometimes I can look and see tiny beams of sunlight hit my eyes. And as they slowly open, I see such magnificent colors. I don't become aware of the fact that I am breathing, but I am breathing. That's what is keeping me alive. And I take a deep breath and I start my day. But the simple fact that I am alive is not enough to propel me throughout the rest of the day. I need more. I need purpose. So I thank God for the day that he has bought to me. And I am thankful that I exist. Ah... the mere meaning of life.

While I am in the shower, sometimes I sing my favorite tune or tunes. I have many of them. The happiness comes from believing in my purpose. That God has allowed me the chance to do something really special in this life of mine. Even though i know it's not a long time and that my days are numbered, that makes me even more ambitious to fulfill my purpose. That's the meaning of life for me.


Some people exist to hurt others. Some people exist to help others. Many people exist to care at all about hurting or helping anyone. They don't realize how truly connected we all are. We are connected by the laws of the universe that birthed us. When someone antagonizes, they give purpose to others who defend. We are all linked and it is essentially us who give our lives purpose. That's the test. That's the mission. That's the meaning of life.