UFO Sightings In My Area (Flying Saucers!) UFO Pictures

Never been much a believer. but i do think their could be another life of some kind.


UFO Sightings In My Area (Flying Saucers!) I am not lying. I was walking with my girlfriends to the store and I saw this green light flash over the horizon. Me and my friend both got chills down and spine and she was like, "What the hell man?" A man who was also at the store dropped his cup of coffee on the ground. Then the light flickered and we saw this tiny object flying in the sky. I wish I had binoculars because I wanted to see if it was an airplane or not. But it couldn't have been an airplane. It didn't fly in a straight line.

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The object flew in a zig zag circle and we all were watching. No one could identify what the heck that was flying over us but I got the heebee jeebees! I never saw anything like it before but it was scary man. I mean with all this stuff happening these days you never what the heck is going on. It's so scary. But I ain't just getting in a spaceship!

If they come for me we gonna be fighting. I mean what the heck do aliens really want with us anyway? This is crazy man. But I know what I saw and you can call me crazy if you want to but we saw some flying saucers that night.