What If Adam And Eve Never Ate That Apple?

What if Adam and Eve never ate that apple? Would we still wear clothes? Would nakedness be a taboo? Would we still live in the Garden of Eden? Would there still be hate and wars?


If Eve never tempted Adam to eat that apple, would the pain of child birth be pleasurable? Would we still have to work by the sweat of or eyebrows? Would there have been other temptations with similar consequences?

If this was a test, its obvious that we as beings failed, so was this a set up? Or was this proof that we are weak, greedy, gullible, and conniving beings. But what would have happened if we passed the test? Would we all love harmoniously unaware of any wars, or hate? Would we all live and love peacefully walking among all beasts and beings un-frightened. Would this same innocence forever be nourished by the pureness of or hearts? Would this euphoric naive-like view make us easy targets for things to happen to us?

Or did this all take place for our own benefit? Would it have made a difference either way if they ate the apple or not? What if you told me what you think?.........

This is a deep question and the analysis deserves refined critique. The first thing is that I don't believe there was ever actually an apple. In the Bible, when they speak of fruit, fruit can mean many different things. Fruits of Joy, Fruit of pleasure, Fruit of Life for example. I think the fruit that is being spoken about in Geniuses is the fruit of temptation. Eating the fruit means that humans are subject to give in to these temptations. It was designed in our DNA. Our bodies are so unique and awesome, it would be impossible for humans to exist without intelligent design. Just as we were designed, so were the laws of the actual universe that we live in.

Would things still be the same?
In short, the answer to this question is no. Because if human beings were able to not give into our temptations and lust, war would be inessential. So would crime, lying and other things we do as humans that defines our human race.

Let's dig further. This paradise we would live in this alternate universe, would not be for us. It would be for another group of beings who are not human. These desires and temptations that we go through are the very fruits that make us human. To deny these desires and longings, would make us inhuman.

Life is not a perfect thing by any stretch of the imagination. There are too many things that sour that illusion. However, I believe that life is perfect for us. This life is what we need to live with the definition of our genetic and mental make up to go through what we go through here. May be we are learning to be more than we actually are. Perhaps we are evolving for a greater purpose. Maybe we take this information someplace with us.

Whatever the reason, I'm happy to be here and I have learned to make the most of being here while we are trapped or on vacation. Which one I am not sure. But I am sure that I want to make this life as much of a vacation as I can make it.