Searching For Beauty

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This poem describes what I feel true beauty is and I how I search for beauty in the all beautiful African American woman. Not to take away from other beauty but just express how I feel about the beautiful Black woman.

I'm searching for a beauty in this twisted paradigm,

Like a man in a dark space with perfect vision - believes he is blind,

I'm searching for a similar kind, a special type of bond and touch,

A beautiful dark queen whose manners are refined, twisted luck,

I search for the type of godly beauty that shines over spaces that's dark,

The type of skin tone that's infinite beauty, that leaves a special kind of mark,

So deep in my heart I trust, rise like the Egyptian pyramids to the dusk,

The day is carried on by trust, and this inner love that expands too much,

Where day meets dawn, stare into her eyes as we carry on,

The type of wisdom that's like a wife teaching, we can marry on,

Give birth to greatness, we let our seeds carry on, it's my birthright,

Turn the melanin shades down, immersed in light,

This light is like the inner type of glow, from within that carries life,

Look inside my ancestors wisdom, she delivers me keen insight,

My queen is tight! Therefore I can make love to her all through the night,

Her special kind of touch is golden, she brings me delight,

I'm nervous when I see her, hands shaking - heart vibrating,

Imasculating, I ask - she's waiting, for the king inside of me to finally awaken,

But I'm woke to the fact, cleverly give her compliments, I won't hold back,

Since the creation of the universe, I sense we go way back,

Like atoms and neutrons, protons that give a powerful charge,

A true king leads his woman, makes a way and takes charge,

I give her presents of a king's presence, and match her essence,

I want to teach her things, my gift is a mental lesson,

I need her at night to hold me tight,

Gentle kiss on her lips, this time I lick and bite,

My African queen is a goddess in the form of a lady, 

Drip sweat down my chest as we clench, soft touches drive me crazy,

Drunk off her spell, as I dwell through this endless loop,

The circle of life, past repeats itself, knowledge is heaven fruit,

I'm left aloof, by them gentle curves as they swerve and excites my nerves,

Soothed by her beautiful words, that ignite my flames and cause a surge,

Something within compels me to enter into depths that forbidden,

Like a fruit your not supposed to eat, but what I seek is hidden,

I'm searching for a past life, past love, past family and past times,

I'm talking life before life, was I always yours and you always mine?

I feel something deeper than your touch everytime we touch,

I just want you to understand, that I'm not searching for you. 

I'm searching for us.

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