Stacey Dash Suspended From FOX News And Calls Out Jada Pinkett Card!!!

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Fox News Has suspended Stacey Dash for comments she made about Barack Obama that were inappropriate. She said she doesn't think he "give's a sh*t" about the matter.

Stacey tried to retract her statement but it was too late. FOX network has suspended the 44-year-old woman for two weeks. Hey, for once I don't have anything negative to say about FOX News, other than they are the devil. Stacey Dash fits right in! No wonder her own first cousin, Damon Dash and members of her own family will not talk to her and now she is dealing with a lawsuit involving stripping!

Sorry Mrs. Dash, but if you get suspended by FOX News for saying inappropriate things, then that proves you are beyond help Sistah!

The 44-year-old coon confirmed the punishment on Twitter writing, "Consequences. Some of us have to pay for them. Gladly."

Stacey Dash believes that if black people want integration, then they have to give up black history month and white-owned BET. Newsflash Stacey Dash, most black people don't even care about BET anymore, which is (as you didn't mention) owned by white people. Black people do not own BET so how could you possibly blame black people that it even exists? I suppose she had her cup of a moron on her FOX interview.


Stacey believes that Jada Pinkett is going over the top by saying that she would boycott the Oscars which didn't elect any black people for awards this year. Maybe if Will Smith got a nomination she would have changed her tune. But honestly, who cares? The Oscars are white-owned and maybe Jada, Will Smith, and Oprah or Tyler Perry should start there own Oscar award nominations. The more black people worry about being included with white people, we simply don't win.

The Oscars are not for us, and unless a black woman is being screwed by a white man on camera, no one is interested in trying to make the Oscars more diverse. Honestly, I don't think I have ever watched the Oscars myself or even care much for the stupid award ceremony. Let's have Oscars for teachers or good cops or doctors.

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Stacey was corrected by the host who informed her that the Oscars were judged by mostly white men which she seemed baffled about. She said she is sure that the Oscars probably aren't racist but points out that we can start a conversation about it now. However, soon as we did a start a conversation about it, Stacey Dash wants to take away BET and Black History Month because white people don't get one of their own. How quaint.

Do you think Stacey Dash beats Raven Simone yet for the Coon Award?