African-Textured Natural Hair - Why Isn't Black Women's Natural Hair Good Enough?

African-textured hair is the most distinguished hair on the planet. Black women are ashamed of their hair in it's natural state because they have been socially engineered to hate themselves, though they don't understand this about themselves.


Black women so they naturally enjoy being able to change their African-textured hairstyles as much as possible. There is nothing wrong with Black women being adventurous when it comes to sporting their hair in different styles. Black women love to show style and class, when it looks absolutely best and this part of the reason why they wear wigs of weaves. It's because they never feel like their natural African-textured hairstyles are best.That's why most of the time they never emulate African hair but pay extraordinary prices for hair that looks nothing like their own hair in it's natural state.

Why isn't there natural hair their best? Should not be the best possible way that a black woman can look is wearing their own African-textured natural hair? We want to look different. We always want to know everything one black women we like the idea of being brave always, ever, ever evolving into something different. All the good we wearing away every door feel like whatever it so I want to feel whatever that is very logical that every day you as a black woman wants to look and feel your best and you felt like these, we give you the power to do that and you know best.

To me this part of the problem because I feel that when I see a black woman in her natural African-textured state. To me that is the most beautiful that a woman can look a black woman wearing her own natural hair, but it is far too often that I walked down the street and I see tons of black woman walking around with hair that looks nothing like the natural state. You could tell the wrong these African women are walking around with hair that is not native to who they are. And this is about like 95%. Of course you have the 5% out there that you know Bill will weave our way that does mimic the African-textured natural hair feel beautiful day that you choosing European hair or hair that looks European to me that long when we want to go back to working) no right she's right to go.

Good, which are doing on the landing here, you want to wait to hear straight but you don't want to go to get a weave straight from college right into that in general do. You know what it is like like like butter and he said that this show keeps it real became a real and that what you just described is not me. A woman can have UniFirst about want to say that maybe something you don't agree. I think I think that women wear. She wears African-textured natural hair, she wears hair and all that all second assessory just adds to her look like I said she still got her natural look. She still got her African-textured natural hair that she can wear. Also in a different style. She doesn't care, whatever maybe disagree which I think for men they want a woman that is made up beautiful. I want all I wanted to wake up dressed so I may want to go to sleep. Nice outfit on. He want her to look like like like she went to sleep.

That leads me to another point which is the fact that you know men's women in order for them to make the switch and start to me this is about. It is not so much about hairstyle as it is about love who we are. A black woman loves who they are and understand you don't need to wear weave because they already have the bomb and as men you guys need to be supportive and let them understand that baby is beautiful just the way she is. I don't need you. Another way you don't have to get weaves. You'll have to get a fake everything!

You don't need to get any of that in order to clean on because I know I agree with you on to say okay with me if she wants to do that as well so I'm saying is where I said I set her African-textured natural hair. Sometimes he hairstyles these ways, whatever they wear is an assessor just something that they where we discern outfit a certain look, maybe going somewhere however do I do want and appreciate themselves in their natural state, and everything that they have naturally have to get these things for me to say I don't take that. They are like that and that's the way that I better tractor you can keep it and then she go to show me today that maybe she was a snap off her booty and take off her precious, or what it is all at that point she got me.

I love you know one thing that we we have to consider is that when we where when we validate these other woman at all the beautiful but will we validate these other woman. We have to realize that we are validating their beauty with saying that you know black woman is saying that they want to look like and emulate these woman and I give them a sense of superiority where basically making them feel superior about their own booty because where the wind always going to be mimicking when's the last time you seen a white woman rock at after we or after moan but that's not happening because they don't have the same value over your hair that you have over there hair down call and call it looked like one of our calls and often you will call the claimant for ever cool, you know you have his own intro music blackmailer tell a woman black mounted this your body get rid of the baby and you will face.

He can do it if you want to tell what she wanted. If you want to stray their African-textured natural hair. She want you bleeding leaky skin of the Cairo Museum in Egypt and some of the plays that we think we talk women in West Africa are not where you know Angela Davis look at the logic in elementary school and high school.

The girls where a cope crow violets that need to be cut what they wear, and I have all these test this out. So when people say that we natural hair is like they would just not the fact, if I may say the fact that actually that you note your comment, but that's her African-textured natural hair let her do what you want to do it, hair.

You cannot go back to Ghana in the kind society and become the chief you know why more likely because your makes no centric societies thereafter disagree with you there because there actually white people from other countries that are cheap and African countries they are what they are. I said you cannot become. You can't become a paramount chief you cannot become all my handy bag can become a developmental chief even like the one you start getting down to the nitty-gritty gonna happen in getting back to it. You know when and where do what they want to. Yes some countries they ban bleaching cream because it causes cancer with you got some that don't. They can't stop the woman from below what they want to do. They can't stop women from wearing their African-textured natural hair just as you can't stop them from wearing weaves. The decision is theirs.

They body create a product that the seven in America right now. Now that's come on over here pretty soon you about that about American cases were black people to bleaching is already happening why they want to do right. People say what came out pretty well why what a black males social engineering. Well, whatever you will know by the baby comes from the socially engineer into our culture use rap music as a way in order to do that. Strange agenda that caused the strange behavior and culture around the world.

We are Black women and we love our African-textured natural hair.