Black Women Are More Than Beauty

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Black women are more than beauty. Black women are also business leaders, loving mothers, attentive wives and raise Black boys to become Black men. Black women are the backbone of the Black race, culture, and ethnicity.

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A beautiful Black woman is a special breed of women although all women are beautiful and special in their own way. There is something special and enigmatic about the soul of beautiful Black women. Their beauty is sensual and mysterious. Their nature is divine and they have a certain way about them that makes them stand out.

Beautiful Black women have natural beauty although they do not embrace their natural beauty. But things are slowly changing as far as their behavior and self-hate towards themselves and beautiful black women are slowly seeking less validation and are beginning to finally embrace who they are once again. 

Some of the problems Black women face, such as low self-esteem, are not entirely the burden of Black women alone. Some Black men as of recently have expressed discontent with Black women and some have even used their own mothers as prime examples of what's wrong with Black women. This rage has been infused by social media and a new conversation has been started about how Black women are responsible for the state of the Black community. It's a heavy burden for Black women and of course, this discontent is not a valid argument at all. But quite often, movements are not based on sound logic and once they begin to emerge this could be from deeper problems that exist within the complexities of how beautiful black women and men interact socially. 

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What is actually most significant about the argument between Black men and Black women on who is responsible for the state of the Black community is that we realize that a problem exists that no one wants to accept accountability for. The truth is, blame cannot be placed on one gender alone but we must go into the social dynamics of behavior and tradition that has been passed down from slavery to correct problems that Black people face all over the world. Such problems cannot be placed on one group within these dynamics, but everyone as a whole must accept accountability for the part they play in affecting racial and societal social behavior. 

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Beautiful Black women take a rap for being challenging and combative as if other women don't exhibit these behaviors, which is pure nonsense, to say the least. However, due to social dynamics and engineering, it is perceived that Black women are angry for no reason. But they have many reasons to be upset. One of the primary reasons beautiful black women are upset is related to the fact that many Black men accept no accountability for their behavior and how it affects their communities. 

Many Black women feel that this lack of responsibility from Black men for the state of their black communities is oppressive to them and that blame is an unfair burden. 

Truthfully, even when some Black men are in relationships with women of other races and ethnicities, they are still abused and nagged in these relationships. Sometimes, they are nagged even more because the women who they date have a disconnect with their culture and much of the things that Black women accept - other women will not necessarily accept. But even so, these men contend that they are nagged less and brag about how good they are being treated which is usually not the case.  The same is true for beautiful Black women when they date people of other cultural backgrounds and try to tell the world how good these relationships are.

In cases of Black women who date other races and cultures of people who don't identify as Black, sometimes they are killed or their children are even abused or even killed in some cases. This is not to say that dating out of one's culture or race is necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to not lose yourself in relationships with people who may not understand your social behavioral patterns or different philosophies you may have and things that make you tick. 

It appears that those who are honest with themselves and harbor no disdain or resentment for their own race gender, don't have the same types of problems. When dating someone from a different race or culture, you still have to remember your roots and who you are. If you begin to denounce the things that affect you or disconnect from your own experiences and identity, it will be too easy to get lost in someone else's identity and this will only cause chaos and confusion. 

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