Good Things About Beautiful Black Women

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Black women are beautiful inward and outward. They are the most caring, forgiving, smart, and loving women in the whole world. Black women are very strong and supportive.

Black women are the most beautiful women on the planet. They also have the best style.

You talk about book smarts versus some damn common sense. This supposed intelligent highly educated black decides that he can’t find an eligible fine woman of color in this nation. Or even go to the many nations of the world with fine ebony-skinned women.

Goes to Russia to find a Caucasian woman to be the so-called love of his life. I mean we are so brainwashed that we need to go find white women in other countries to marry? I gotta assume this fool is a loyal supporter of Trump. Really he got scammed. I am not a bit concerned that he lost 50K. He should’ve lost more. She could’ve taken his life. DAMN FOOL!

Beautiful Black Women as I am growing older and wiser, my most effective weapon is to not even acknowledge or entertain these women who harbor a bitter, toxic spirit. Life is too short to focus on negativity and misguided anger by a race of women in which the root of their anger lies in their poor choices. We see one of them on this post say she's very positive and loves her brothers but her GIF suggests that men who have a proven with women like this are crying she's the positive one though.

We will see sisters on this post say they are very complex individuals who will require a unique type of man to handle all of their unique ways you know finesse it.

But why must one feel the necessity to say I must make a relationship complex? Why must one say I prefer a hostile environment or not want peace and tranquility within my home? Why must one walk a type of rope and say I must waiver between acting like I show my man I love him and argue to the point where I create cracks in our foundation only because I just don't want this relationship to be totally peaceful? And God forbid it leads to him getting upset because then I'm going to say "you are violent you are a threat to me now" where is one logic for any of this?

Why not just ask for peace within your home? God doesn't mind giving that to you if that's what you choose to ask but my sisters require so much more as you see I don't get I honestly don't maybe I won't suppose to but at the same time I suppose to be weak and turning my back on my sisters if I say I don't have to and can seek peace and tranquility from a different race of women I do know that.


Black women can cook and clean very well. BM needs to their attitudes because BM is leaving Black women in large numbers. They're the ones with a bad attitude. They bump each other in clubs and shoot everybody. They harbor resentment towards women for breaking up with them. Let's not be a hypocrite, fellas. Choose the right Black woman. There are still good Black Women and Black Man, out there you have to be evenly yoked in a relationship to make it work. You both have to be at peace with each other. A relationship is 100% effort for both man and woman.

There is nothing to work out bro their to far gone the best thing you can do is work on yourself and your children to help them understand what this society is really about especially the so-called Black male child. You are better off traveling overseas to get you a woman that honors, encourages, and respects you for the most part the so-called black American women are just washed-up goods.

Keep your relationship close to the highest study and practice third eye medication get your Income built up read books on how the world works understand the power the words. Study how to budget and Invest your funds study how to master your thoughts and your emotions change up your eating habits and your environment work out at least three times a week.

There are many cultures other Black women who are nothing like these American Black females. Canadian, East African, Latino, West African, Amerind, ... leave these hair hats alone. They may not realize they've become substandard in the things that men actually look for a woman to be.

pretty dark black woman Charisse A
African Women Are The Beginning and The End, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Creators, And Love!!, I personally see anything on the planet, that can compare to her!!

beautiful black woman

Black women are the original women of the earth and they need to be protected at all cost.

beautiful black woman

Black women are beautiful women on this planet! And yes I believe my statement.

beautiful black woman

I love their strength. And by strength, I don't mean loud and ratchet behavior I mean a sister that has been through all kinds of Trials tribulations hell and high water, and has not allowed that to affect her character and still presses on to do what she needs to do to make it in this world.

Kaila R too beautiful blackness

Black women are the most beautiful thing on the planet earth.

beautiful black woman

Black women are very smart, when I was in college I had a sista do all my homework for me. Black women are the best women on the planet.

Kay Honore perfectly cute

My best friend is a Black woman.

beautiful black woman

The Black woman is the mother of civilization and should be respected, appreciated, and admired.

beautiful black woman

I have seen 4 black women in their workout outfits in the fresh produce section at the grocery store. One was asking a clerk about the freshness of some cherries.

beautiful black woman

I think black women are the heart of this world...I love you all?

beautiful black woman

My mom is a definition of what a real woman is. They embody the whole concept of what 'something nice' is.

beautiful black woman

Black women are beautiful inward and outward. They are the most caring, forgiving, smart, and loving women in the whole world. Black women are very strong and supportive. I need a black woman!!!!!!

beautiful black woman

Black women are the epitome of beauty, femininity, personality, strength, and character. Men who spend enough time around them will trust them and adore them. Women who spend enough time with them will idolize them and emulate them, I see this all of the time. Black women are a TREASURE.

beautiful black woman

Beautiful Black Women

beautiful black woman

Most black women have a good complexion, best shapes, but overall my experiences have been disasters, with some pretty ones too.....too narcissistic n condescension...Sorry but there's very ill good to say about black women....!! I love how I do not have to explain the explanation to black women, they just understand what is going on.

Humans are obsessed with flesh (seeing/showing) especially in this day and age of free-flowing info. I believe the Black woman to be the greatest creation ever made and that's in the nude or fully clothed.

Many of them think that's all we like. I went on a date with a nerdy black woman in college that dressed classily and spoke with respect when I approached. And when we finally went out on the first date she came with booty shorts and a top above her stomach. She thought that was what I would like. I was turned off.

Woman In Black Long-sleeved Shirt

It looks good at home or if your single trying to catch a fish. I don't want a woman to bring in my proximity that "type" of attention. It's obvious the less you wear the more men look. It's repealing of what we should be working up to see personally but we get it publicly and so does everyone else. Why do individuals want to share their intimate side with everyone? I don't understand. I'm trying to word my thoughts right but it's hard to explain in short.

Beautiful Black woman

I love me some black women too. Nude or clothed. Which is why I also notice these type of mindsets always provide women nude or in bra and panties as an image for the caption "black women are beautiful" well duh but why is it commonly subjected to bra and panties. Do they not look beautifully clothed casually or professionally. It's obvious a woman look good in fewer clothes or nude.. we men. What's not obvious is why when those like-minded individuals caption such a phrase the image is commonly portrayed by black women in bra panties or less.

Beautiful Black woman 50
I'm not even thinking about the focal aspect of degrading. She looks hella sexy to me. I'm just trying to find a balance understand as to why such an image is the go-to for saying black women are beautiful. It's like a person saying black men are successful but only show drug dealers and never business owners or corporate jobs etc. What is the true implication of such a presentation?  Something is offset.

Beautiful Black woman standing in the hallway.