The Democrats Do Not Hate Donald Trump

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Democrats don't hate Trump, they just know a con man when they see one.

When I'm exposed to information my mind will process it several times before I formulate my position on that information. This can take moments or days.
I listened to the GOP members of the house today intently. First to ascertain whether there was something I was missing. Secondly to identify patterns.
As for today's hearing I wasn't missing a thing. My perception of the Republican posturing today was that it was well choreographed. I lost count of the number of times that the Democrats were accused of hating Trump. I lost count of the number of times Republicans referred to Trump's magnificent impact on the economy. It was both funny and sad.
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It was funny because when the curtain closes on the Trump economy fairytale there won't be a lot of people laughing. It was sad because the stock market doesn't really reflect economic health. It's a rigged game and small investors always take the real hits on a downturn. Secondly, if you really want to know how the economy is doing ask a farmer. Ask the guy who found out in 2019 that the manufacturing expansion that Trump promised was a pipe dream.
The Truth is we're likely to see a major economic downturn in the next 18 months. Trump's tax cuts and tariffs will be significant factors in that downturn.
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It didn't have to be that way. If rather than pushing for a tax break Trump had launched a national infrastructure program he could have created 400,000 new jobs and fully funded them for 10 years. A trillion dollars spent on infrastructure would have provided a major shot in the arm for common cities all across America. I guess big business and 1 percenter needed the money more than the everyday working stiffs.
The truth is while the Republicans were busy calling the other side social Democrats they were really upset because the "socialist Democrats aren't drinking the Trump Koolaid.
Democrats don't hate Trump, they just know a con man when they see one.