All Correctional Officers Of Color Prohibited From Guarding Derek Chauvin

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Black correctional officers were targeted by state and forbidden to guard Derek Chauvin but were commanded to clean stools and area for him before they were reassigned.

Black correctional officers were targeted and forbidden to guard Derek Chauvin and instead, ordered to clean the toilets and pick up trash for him before they were reassigned. 

It's an evident case of systemic supremacy and outward racism on a state government level.

It's a blatant form of discrimination. An attorney representing the correctional officers in a lawsuit says they were prohibited from working or entering where former MPD officer, Derek Chauvin, was being held. The attorner spke about the lawsuit against the county this morning.

"Right now our community, our state, and our country are grieving the senseless death of George Floyd and far too many other people of color," she said. "Many of us are using this moment to examine and take a closer look at racism and the small and large systemic injustices facing our neightbors of color."

This time the racism and bigotry is in the workplace.

It sucks that racism is taking place during a case that happens to be about a racist and senseless racist incident in which a man was murdered, proving that the probblem with systemic racism is that is systemic which enables it in the first place. 

The state of Ohio was so eager to stop a racist killer from being discriminated against that it broke the law and humiliated its own workers to uphold the racism that it claims to protect us from. The hypocrisy is evident and disgraceful on all levels.

The state did not even try to conceal the fact that the decision was being made due to the officers skin. 

8 officers were humiliated and forced to abandon their jobs because the state chose to enforce racist actions. 

The sad truth of the matter is that though the state could not protect George Floyd, they are going over and beyond to protect their murderer from discrimination or harm. 

This is why people still march and oppose the systemic racism that is practiced throughout the country. As long as racism exists, it threatens everyone and not just the people it targets. Because anyone can become the target of racism at any time.